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The Pep-Pep is a true bypass, analog voiced delay. We have tuned the delay to create a very ambient soundscape. The Pep-Pep is well suited for a secondary delay that helps add space to your guitar mix. It can also be used as a primary solo-type delay that helps give your lead and coloring parts more dimension.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    These pedals from Sublime Guitar Company are really rocking my world lately, and the Pep-Pep Delay is another awesome piece of gear from this Florida company. In our current world of massive, complicated and sometimes frustrating delays, the Pep-Pep is a welcome breath of fresh air, and while it might not be able to do everything those other delays can, it will add character and stunning texture to your guitar's tone. This is a pretty no-nonsense pedal: Level, Feedback and Time are the only controls you have to play with...or worry about. Like all of Sublime Guitar Company's pedals, the Pep-Pep is easy to use, and easy to dial in a tone in just a few minutes, but flexible enough to offer a bunch of options, too. Level adds in as much or as little of the delayed signal into your mix as you want, always a welcome option, and will go from a nice subtle overlying layer to a wall of delayed goodness in a hurry. The Feedback basically controls the length of the repeats, like on many other delays, and if you crank this one up, the self-oscillation is fantastic, and can get really loud and crazy, just like I like it. The Delay time control ranges from 25ms to 470ms, which will be more than enough time for most delay users, especially if you use it for solos or just a little bit of coloring. Twist that knob up, though, and you'll get some rich, warm delays with gorgeous echoes and fades, a really powerful tool to add to your arsenal. Combine the Time and Feedback knobs and mess with a couple different settings, and you'll see how this pedal can really open up, and be a versatile piece of your setup.

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