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The Mobin is a true bypass overdrive with many different tone options. The 3 position diode selector gives you a variety of overdrive tones. In the down position, the pedal has more British style tone. In the up position, the Symetrical Overdrive mode has a tube-like organic sounding overdrive. The middle position is a great mode for a clean boost style overdrive and has more than enough gain to really drive your amp. All of these options make this a dynamic overdrive that will work in any musical situation.



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  1. 5 out of 5


    I was super-excited to get the Mobin Overdrive in the mail the other day, and apparently, for good reason. The Mobin is one of the flagship pedals from Sublime Guitar Company in Florida, who have been making beautiful guitars for a while, but have recently ventured into the land of effects pedals. The four-piece lineup looks stellar, very clean and cool in their design, and super-affordable as well, for us players who can't afford to cover our board with $400 pedals. The Control knobs are as follows: Drive, Level and Tone. Pretty standard on your basic overdrive pedal, but all three have decent range, and it's really easy to dial in a great tone in about 3 seconds. Set 'em all at noon, there's a great rock sound. Dial 'em back a little, you've got a great little boost action going on. Crank 'em up, and look out. This thing has got some cojones, especially when you crank that Drive knob. Whew! The other cool part about this pedal is the 3-way toggle switch, which basically turns this gray box into 3 distinct and kick-ass overdrive pedals. UP sounds really warm and inviting, and can really drive your tube amp to gorgeous places. MIDDLE is nice and gainy, really pushing your tone and getting good and distorted in the process. DOWN is nice and compressed, a little lower on the sonic spectrum, but nice and fat, with great lows and mids shining through. All three toggle positions produce their own special sound, and when paired with the Tone and Drive control knobs, each one brings something different to the auditory table. This is an awesome overdrive pedal, I gotta say. I love the range of tones and soundscapes you can bring out of it, and with ease, too, I might add. Not too complicated, but complex at the same time, the Mobin Overdrive looks nice and friendly, especially with the nice, cute little whale graphic on the front. Well, that whale is really waiting inside the pedal to take your tone and eat it for breakfast, then spit it out as pure tonal gold.

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