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Chunky Brogan Distortion

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The Chunky Brogan is a true bypass, high gain stomp box with a large dynamic range and colorful harmonic overtones. The 2-way switch offers a normal mode when switched to the left. When switched to the right, it filters some of the highs and gives you a very creamy distortion. You can back down the drive level and create a very nice dynamic overdrive as well.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Well, here's another sweet pedal from the folks at Sublime Guitar Company: the Chunky Brogan Distortion. First off, the name is brilliant, just wanted to get that out of the way. Second, this is a high gain distortion that leaves your tone alone and lets it shine through, all the while ripping your amp's speakers to shreds (not literally, of course) and making your audiences' eardrums bleed a little (this could actually happen, beware). Just a little, though... Another simple design and layout from the little company in Florida, the Chunky Brogan features Drive, Level and Tone controls, plus a bonus toggle for more options and sounds. The Tone might be my favorite knob here, as the range goes down, down, down, but never becomes muddy or sludgy, always beefing up your signal and booming out that fat low end. Crank it to the right, and the highs can be crisp, clean and piercing, but always stay warm and balanced, which can sometimes be difficult in a distortion pedal. The Drive has quite the range as well, allowing you to go from a sort of dirty crunch to a maxed out ball buster of a distortion. This little red wonder will absolutely peel the paint right of your walls, and possibly the walls of the club you're playing, so better make sure they sign a damage waiver before you hit the stage. The toggle is a Bright Cut switch, one of my favorite toggles in all the land. Able to cut right through the mix if needed, it can also be turned down to add a little more chunk and less shrill to your guitar's tone. Combine this switch with the Tone and Drive knobs, and you've got yourself days of combinations and soundscapes to play with.

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